By Monica Høyer believes in a conscious and responsible fashion with smart long-lasting styles.
The design is classic, feminine and timeless with a slow and ethical production line.

A collection is not bounded to one specific season or trend, instead it highlights the concept and story behind the design. 

Video/edit: June Witzøe//Studio Eplekjekk



The collection Warrior is a tribute to all of us. We’re all warriors.

We humans fight every day for different reasons. Someone may be fighting traumatic experiences and others may fight typical every-day challenges. We live in a world that can be brutal and we meet all kind of challenges through life that we handle differently. It is not about what you experience but how you experience it!

Photo/edit: June Witzøe//Studio Eplekjekk
Model: Linn Klungrehaug



The Queen of the underground. A wild and sophisticated collection, smart casual designs for the confident and independent woman. Viscose, silk, wool and leather combined to express a playful, yet classic look. The styles are feminine with delicate fabrics to honor the female body. The independent woman is strong and dare to be herself, even if it means she’s unfitted.

Photo/Edit: Vegard Handeland

Models: Linn Landewall & Linn Klungrehaug
MUA & Hair: MarvilMakeup by Marita Villung


Barefoot SS15

Barefoot SS15 was Monica’s first collection after she graduated from Esmod.
She created a playful collection with a colorful and modern bohemian look.

Photo: Vegard Handeland
Models: Linn Landewall, Pernille Biseth & Lisa Mari Minge

Eternal Hunt of Lust AW12/13

Eternal Hunt of Lust was Monica’s Diploma collection when she graduated Esmod in 2012. She paired up with another student, Sanne Lundbald and together they created two lines in one collection, womenswear (Monica) and menswear (Sanne). Both lines were combined with the same concept and inspiration. Some styles were also transformable from masculine to feminine and opposite. Monica’s masterpiece was the Wedding Dress made out of 300 meters of silk, hand dyed and washed to create a distressed and torn look. The whole dress was made with only high-end techniques and fabrics to maintain the luxurious feeling. The black chiffon dress was her second masterpiece, a see-through chiffon dress made out of 20 meters of silk, but still with a naked and raw look. The dress received a lot of attention after the diploma show and have been used by different stylists for fashion shoots.

Photo/Edit: Vegard Handeland

Models: Helene Hammer, Maja Kallerød, Miriam Brockstedt Berg, Ida Susanna, Solene Bourgetel & Pernille Biseth
MUA: Renate Eriksen
Hair: Kine Haglind & Eirik Bjørndal
Jewelry: Dreams of Norway