Monica Høyer, believes in slow, conscious and responsible fashion. She creates affordable luxury for the independent woman. Her artistic mind finds inspiration in all her surroundings. The designs reflect her bohemian personality with modern sophisticated cuts.

Passionate with her work Monica delivers high quality in her styles. Most of her creations are made of natural fibers and materials, she only uses synthetic fibers if it improves the quality and result. With focus on style and ethical fashion she creates timeless designs with long lasting materials.

With love and pride, Monica also creates bridal designs. She puts her heart into the design and strives to bring personality and life to the creation.

Monica has a degree from ESMOD Oslo, and graduated in 2012 with the collection Eternal Hunt of Lust. In 2011 Monica won the national Triumph Inspiration Award and represented Norway in Berlin. For her dedication, hard work and achievements under the education she won the Golden Needle under the Diploma Show.



New York Fashion Week 2017
By Monica Høyer presented the collection “Warrior” during New York Fashion Week in September 2017.  Showing 15 models on the catwalk, the collection “Warrior” opened the prêt-à-porter show at Stewart Hotel in NY.  

The Golden Needle 2012
Monica was awarded The Golden Needle from ESMOD International for her dedication and hard work during her education.

Nikke Project 2012
Pieces from Monica’s diploma collection was picked out to a big fashion exhibition, Nikke Project, in Tokyo. The jury chose some few designers form each country to be presented among designers from all over the world.

Triumph Inspiration Award 2012
As the national winner Monica presented Norway under the international finale of Triumph Inspiration Award in 2011. The design was a creative showpiece to celebrate women through decades and her underwear piece made of ropes received great feedback from the international jury.